Pilgrimage Remembrances #4

11 March 2014: Bus Ride to Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, and Caesarea Philippi.

In sum: long, winding ride to BEAUTIFUL sights!

The Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights.

As I wandered near the Hermon Stream on a gorgeous Nature Reserve, I was overcome by my need for healing.

Hermon Stream Nature Reserve.

Hermon Stream Nature Reserve.

Here in this place he asked his first disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:13-21). Alone with that question, my response was: “Who do you, Lord, say that I am?” Longed-for Precious Child. One loved greatly and celebrated despite any falterings along the way. We all are. No matter how much I really want to be more special to Jesus than everyone else 🙂 ; we all carry the spark of the Divine within us – that’s how much the Holy One wants all of us. Enough to live within each of us and experience this amazing creation through our bodies, minds, and spirits.


Long ago I noticed that the words on my Yoga mat say: Pro Source. From the inside-out they read: U OUR SOURCE. As I stand at the Banias (Hermon Spring) Falls, U OUR SOURCE overwhelms me. This spring is one of the three headwaters of the Jordan River. The infamous Jordan River runs through the seas (Galilee and Dead) of this land all the way to the other end of Israel, making the eastern border of this country a waterline. Standing in the rush and wonder of the falls, these were the words that I wrote:


Banias Falls.

Banias Falls.

Our pilgrimage leaders tell us that this place was known in the First Century for rest. Refreshment. A place to replenish. According to the gospel of Matthew, he came here and first told his disciples about the road ahead. Suffering in Jerusalem. Torture. Rejection. Death. And then . . . He told them the final part too, though it seems they all got stuck on the gory stuff instead of the immense glory to come!

I wonder if he came here purposefully. Did he come to his Source? To the source of the great river? Of Galilee? Of all of Israel and Judah? . . . Yes! Before he left his home district for Jerusalem, he brought them to the Source. . . . As we stand by these falls, I wonder if he was taking in the same kind of strength I seem to be taking in. I wonder if he was here to get himself ready.


Before we head to Jerusalem on 13 March 2014, we will observe a day of Sabbath rest. Menuha: the delight of God! I too shall be taking a Sabbath rest these next few days during Lent 2015. Time to just be with God in quiet and delight. I shall return to these pilgrimage 2014 remembrances when my Sabbath retreat comes to a close. Stay tuned . . .

Somewhere near the Golan Heights:  another Breadbasket of Israel!

Somewhere near the Golan Heights: another Breadbasket of Israel!

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More views at the Hermon Stream Nature Reserve:  11 March 2014.

Ruins of the Temple of Pan at Banias.

Ruins of the Temple of Pan at Banias.


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