About Bread on Our Journey

23 May 2014

Several years ago, I completed one of those late-night, self-help quizzes that asked what was the one thing I had to have in my life each day. At first I thought of my family and friends, my beloved toy poodle, and even world peace. But the more I thought, the more I realized that something in me craves inspiration. Daily. My soul needs to be inspired each day as much as our bodies need daily bread. Whether it be a wonderful story, beautiful music, or rousing words; each day I need to be inspired!

For a long time I’ve been looking outside of myself for such inspiration. Everything from the quiet of the morning from my back patio to quotes from famous speeches to soothing words of the Psalms of the Bible. Daily inspiration has come to me from all sorts of sources. And today, I’ve decided it’s finally time I listen to the inspiration arising inside of me: the phrases that sustain, the images that come, the feelings that ground me in a knowing that cannot be challenged. Today I begin the process of mining inspiration that comes through the living of my own days that it might be sustenance for the living of ALL of our days. I hope that the insights shared here may bring us all the hope, love, and joy we each need to live inspired every day.

Join me in this feast of bread on our journeys!

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