All are Loved Here!

Recently I heard a story about a house made out of a cardboard box for a stray cat. It has been extremely cold around many parts of the USA and one pre-teen girl couldn’t stand it any longer for the cat frequently found outside around her home. She got busy. After a day of the box being all snuggled with a cozy blanket, a sign was added: “Shadow is Loved Here!” Not only did the girl name the cat, she attempted to lure it to the warmth of the make-shift home with the depths of her generous heart. She wanted that stray to know that the warmth of the house she had created for it was a place where it was fully loved. Welcomed. Home.

True story.

I want such a sign, don’t you?

One for each of us. A sign over every home to remind us why it even is home for us. Because we are loved unconditionally there. Sheltered from the storms of the rest of life. Welcomed in the safety of such a place where we are cherished. Feed. Protected.

What sign do you have over the threshold of your home? What sign do you have over the threshold of your own heart?

May we be generous enough with ourselves, with those in our homes, with those needing home, and with all — not only to post, but also to enact the message: All are loved here!


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