1 January 2015

Eighth Day

Supposedly today is the eighth day.  For the whole world, we’re really all focused on the beginning.  A new year.  A fresh start as at the stroke of midnight a whole new calendar of 365 days stretched out before us.

What will come to pass in 2015?  None of us know.  Some of us will lose loved ones this year.  Some will bring new life into the world through babies or big dreams or giving that transcends self.  Some will wake up each day grateful for the gift of another.  Some will pull the covers further over their head unable to face what seems inevitable.  No matter the best laid plans, none of us know how 2015 will unfold — who we will become, who will enter our lives, what new things we will experience this year, what the world will be like as the clock again strikes midnight and rings in 2016.  A wonderful adventure lies ahead on the empty calendar of 2015!  A whole new beginning is about to unfold!

Which is what makes it extra incredible that today is the eighth day.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got that math right.  Born on 25 December (at least according to tradition), that makes 1 January the eighth day.  The day on which he was named He Saves:  Jesus.  It happened in the ancient Jewish rite of circumcision.  The gospel of Luke alone records it (Luke 2:21).  Many have little idea what the celebration would have been like — who all gathered for the big day, who did the actual act as Mary and Joseph looked on with pride at their firstborn son.  This act on this day definitely claimed him as one of the stars father Abraham most certainly saw on that night of promise so long ago.  Of course, many of us claim he’s not just one more star, but THE star:  the Bright Morning Star, the Light in the darkness, the Hope of the world.


Day eight.

Blessed be all the days of this and every year!  Enjoy the grand adventure of it all!



Me and Mom on my 8th Day.

Me and Mom on my 8th Day.

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