A Most Beautiful Thing

Today I think that there is nothing more precious in this world than when two people find one another and figure out a way to become one working unit. I’m not necessarily talking about “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh” as the second creation story of Genesis does. Rather, I mean the whole diversity of connections that happen in this world. I feel as if I have seen a little bit of it all today. And it does my heart so very good!

I had the opportunity today to meet a 92 year old woman who told me about her husband who has been dead since 1987. She said they met late in life and had just 13 years together. You can do the math and figure out she was a little over 50 when they met and married. (Is that right? If so, how remarkable for such a new beginning at that stage of life!) I had the joy today of being with those who didn’t get it quite right the first-time-around, but seem to be enjoying someone tremendously their second-go-round. I watched two old friends who seem to be almost more important to each other than even their spouses have been to them. I listened to a story of budding romance from a woman who has taken half her life to figure out who she truly is and with whom she wants to share the rest of her path. I heard of those who are together face-to-face on the weekends but share only in spirit throughout the week. Those who have committed to each other since nearly childhood and those who still are seeking to find a person in this world with whom they can journey throughout their days. Those who have side-by-side walk in closets all to themselves; and those who have a little corner of a shared one and give up most of the rest of the space for the other! No two pairings I spent time with today are exactly alike. We all have our unique stories — including the story of those who find strength, support, and love most among sisters, parents, best friends, and self.

I was a young, confused adult many years ago when one of the wisest women I’ve known told me that love always would be a part of my life — no matter what form it took. She said the key was to stop expecting love to look a certain way and just accept the beautiful ways it always is present.

In memory of her and in celebration of all the ways in which I have been pleased to witness love today: PRAISES BE!

Keep your eyes open to it this week! See the most beautiful thing that surrounds each and every day!


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