Great book to check out: “Bless Her Heart”

This quote below makes me lol!!! Anyone who cares at all about church, and especially pastors, should be required to read this lil gem of a book! It was written by young female clergy for young female clergy and is based on too many experiences so many of us girl preachers have encountered. I wish I had it 20 years ago when I was starting. The book starts with a chapter on shoes, sandals, and toe polish – something we get to re-navigate with each congregation! Love, love, love this book!!!
– RevJule

“Let’s be honest: I didn’t mean to scream out, “Come get these damn flowers!” to the elderly parishioner on the phone. It just happened. Most unfortunately, it happened on Easter Sunday. I was completely exhausted. I had led a service every day for the last eight days. My parents were in town and were getting annoyed that I couldn’t find one hour to come have some Easter dinner with them. And I was up to my eyeballs in lilies that had to be delivered to nursing homes across town before I could go home and collapse.”

Excerpt From:
Ashley-Anne Masters & Stacy Smith. “Bless Her Heart.” Chalice Press. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

2 thoughts on “Great book to check out: “Bless Her Heart”

  1. Carla Khan

    My local library’s closest matching title was, “Bless her Dead Little Heart”. Must be your book’s sequence that’s on the non-read list for pastors.
    To keep my library’s collection balanced, I requested purchase of, “Bless her Heart” and am looking forward to reading it.

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  2. Carla Khan

    Just finished listening to the audiobook “Illuminations” by Mary Scharratt, the biography of Hildegard Von Bingen as a novel. Aside from her visions, what an incredibly brilliant and independent lady. Completely different from how I had pictured an anchorite. It was very enlightening to read about daily life in the 12th Century.



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